To ensure our students’ social/emotional well-being and to promote their academic growth, we established the following partnerships with the community, cultural and higher education institutions:

University Neighborhood High School is proud to be partnered and collaborating with the following universities and organizations:

NYU – offers 9th grade college tour, graduationceremony, National Honors Society Induction College Office (full time collegeadvisor) and College Office (full time college advisor)

Our Students are Taking College Now Courses Here!

CUNY Baruch College & LaGuardia CC – College Now – students take college-bearing courses while still in high school, workshops for parents.


College Summit - With a focus on our goal of increasing our students’ college readiness, we have partnered with College Summit to increase the college-driven atmosphere of the school.  College Summit helps students to understand the relevance of high school academic work, services, and social-emotional development by connecting to their current and future lives and to envision high school as a gateway to college and career success.  In the 11th grade, CS focuses on exploring colleges, undergraduate programs and career  and on the writing process to develop persuasive essays to be included in their college applications. These essays will open the doors for our students to be more competitive so that they may be accepted to the best colleges across the country.  CS provides seniors with a senior year “road map” which enables them to outline their tasks for the year. In addition, they are provided with a senior portfolio checklist and a senior year planning calendar which allow them to keep track of their work and plan accordingly for deadlines.


Deloitte Academy
Deloitte Academy College Mentoring Program –provides after school mentoring and college readiness to students in all grades

W!SE- Economics certification program is implemented into Economics curriculum to teach students how to make financial decisions that will bring success in their lives.
Young Urban Foresters Program where students learn the basics of what trees give us, what trees need to survive, and how we can help them

Grand Street Settlement 
– Offers the Advantage after-school program (a variety of clubs and sports), and Extended Learning Program.

PBIS - Using the feedback from the 2010 Quality Review, we created a goal for improving the climate of the school community by initiating the school-wide PBIS program that focuses on fostering the 3 Rs: Reason, Respect, and Responsibility and open communication among students, parents, and staff. Based on the PBIS principles, students are recognized and rewarded for exhibiting behavior aligned with our philosophy.

Lincoln Center EducationEnriches the lives of students, educators, and lifelong learners by providing opportunities for engagement with the arts on stage, in the classroom, online, and in the community..

Habitat for Humanity - Volunteering and citizenship program.

Adopt-A-Family - The staff comes together to donate clothing and toys to a family in need during the holiday season.

Soles for Souls – Volunteer service, community awareness through organizing sneaker drives.

Makerbot - Student education initiative to improve STEM literacy by allowing students to interact with a  MakerBot Desktop 3D Printer; offers the tools and resources teachers need to create engaging STEM education content.

Makerfaire - Part science fair, part county fair, and part something entirely new. As a celebration of the Maker Movement, it’s a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness. Makers come to show their creations and share their learning. Attendees flock to Makerfaire to glimpse the future and find the inspiration to become Makers themselves.

– “Technovation” program for young women – female students learn how to create phone applications.

SharpSchool - The school website, created and maintained by staff and students. The website helps in establishing better communication among students, parents, and UNHS staff and includes information regarding upcoming events for parents and students. It is also a celebration of student achievements: Students of the Month, excellent attendance awards, honor roll awards, and most improved awards.

Achieve3000 - Licenses for students and teachers to use Achieve3000 to enable differentiated instruction especially for low-level readers, ESL and Special Education students, and to further reading skills necessary for success on both Regents Exams and in college.

Jupiter Grades - Online grading book with access for students and parents

Honor Roll Posting - Posting list of honor students, perfect attendance, Students of the Month.

Materials for the Arts - Companies and individuals donate unneeded supplies to thousands of nonprofit organizations with arts programming and public schools.

NAF & NFTE -  New collaboration that offers scholarships to students based on high academic