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New York University Partnership

200 Monroe Street New York, NY 10002 Tel: 212-962-4341• Fax: 212-267-5611

Telephone: 212.962.4341

Parent Coordinator
Lisa Ranson,,,
cell phone number-917-603-7959

Elizabeth Collins,

Assistant Principal
Patricia Catania,

Concern Procedure
Procedures for Receiving, Processing, Resolving and Tracking Complaints

Receiving: 1. Complaint received from parent/guardian are brought to the Assistant Principal or Guidance Counselor and then to the Principal if not resolved.
2. Complaints from staff members are brought to the Principal

Processing: 1. Within 24 hours to 14 days, a response to the letter of complaint is generated
2. The time frame dependent on the nature of the complaint

Resolution: Dependent on the nature of the complaint, the resolution will vary
1. Principal response consultation with the Network Leader
2. Principal response in consultation with teacher or other staff member
3. Principal response in consultation with OYD
4. Principal response in consultation with (OORS) Online Occurrence Reporting System
5. Principal response in consultation with the parent coordinator

Tracking Complaints: A log is kept of all complaints and resolutions.