After School Clubs Schedule 2015-2016









Dance Club

Room 206
2:40-4:00 pm

Cooking Club

Room 503/505
2:35-4:00 pm

Art Club

Room 205
3:00-5:00 pm


Dance Team

Room 206
2:40-4:30 pm

Student Government

Room 309
2:35-4:15 pm

Fitness Club

Room 209
2:35-4:00 pm


Science Club

Room 308
2:40-3:40 pm

​       Video Game Club

         ​Room 507
       2:40-3:40 pm

Dance Team

Room 206
3:00-4:30 pm

                          The Art Club-:
Thursday 3:00-5:00 pm
Room 205

The Art Club 
will be held Thursdays from 3:00pm - 5:00pm, welcoming all students who want to learn about art and art making while expanding their technical skills in a studio environment. Participants will have the chance to propose and develop their own individual projects as well as create collaborative works of art that will be displayed school-wide. Students will have access to both traditional art materials such as pencil, paint, and sculpture material, in addition to new media including, but not limited to, Ipads and digital cameras.

The Dance Club-:
Tuesday 2:40-4:00 pm
Room 206

Dance Club is for all students who want to learn a variety of dance techniques and choreography. All students are welcome to participate whether they are a first time dancer or a seasoned dancer. Styles that are taught include but are not limited to ballet, modern, lyrical, jazz, hip hop, etc. Dance club is a requirement for all students who are on Dance Team.
The Dance Team-:
Tuesday 2:40-4:30 (Includes Dance Club meeting)

Thursday 3:00-4:30
Room 206

Additional Rehearsals may be held Wednesdays after school as well, leading up to performances.

Dance team is a select performance group that rehearses rigorously and will perform at school events as well as have other performance opportunities around the city. Students will all be given a trial period and then audition in the New Year. Dancers who remain on the team must be committed, positive role models, and hard workers. The team will focus on generating and performing choreography. Students will work towards precision, increased flexibility, core strength, and performance skills. Dance Team members are required to attend dance club as well and are expected to maintain 90% attendance rate, model good behavior in school, and must pass all of their academics to remain on the team.

The Cooking Club-:
Wednesday 2:35-4:00 pm
Room 503/505

This club will provide an introduction to cooking and allowing everybody to have the opportunity to learn how to prepare and enjoy healthy recipes in a fun and inviting kitchen atmosphere.

This will benefit our students in allowing them to not only learn how to cook but to be selective among different foods.  The cooking club will also grow herbs in the lab which will introduce students to basic farming skills. 

The cooking club experience will help students:

A) Identify and select healthy foods instead of junk food

B) How to prepare foods using good sanitary practices.

C) Safety guidelines for using kitchen equipment. 

D) Learn basic food preparation skills

This cooking club will give our students a chance to appreciate healthy foods firsthand and gain confidence in their ability to produce tasty and healthy meals.    

The Fitness Club-:
Thursday 2:35-4:00 pm
Room 209

The purpose of this club is to promote a healthy life style.  Mr. Mok will be using the fitness room to guide students in different exercises, according to their personal goals.  Additionally, members will learn how to eat balanced meals which will be coordinated with the cooking club.    This club will allow students to participate in different fitness activities that will improve and or maintain their current fitness levels. 

This program will also cover briefly the anatomy of the body and injury prevention exercises.

Student Government-:
Wednesday 2:35-4:15 pm

Room 309

Student Government at University Neighborhood High School is a community of students that work together to promote school culture through the planning of exciting activities, events, competitions and fundraisers for the student body.  Student Government meets every Wednesday after school to discuss upcoming occasions and brainstorm ways to support the school culture and make the UNHS family stronger.  

The Science Club
Tuesday 2:40-3:40 pm
Room 308

Explore several science topics more deeply through discussions, hands-on activities, movies, books, and trips! Weekly scholarship and/or internship information will be passed out as well!

The Video Game Club
Wednesday 2:40-3:40 pm
Room 507

-Students can get their game on after school. Fun and safe environment. Also the club can be adjusted to meet certain computer requirements.