1. MP3 Players/ iPods, cell phones and handheld electronic games are forbidden.
  2. Student guests are forbidden.
  3. Outer garments are not to be worn until dismissal. This includes, but is not limited to hats, scarves, headgear, and jackets.
  4. Fighting of any kind, including horseplay, is forbidden.
  5. Drugs and alcohol are forbidden.
  6. Smoking is prohibited anywhere in the school building or schoolyard.
  7. Tampering with devices, such as the fire alarm or the lights is absolutely forbidden.
  8. New York City School Regulation States: Carrying a weapon in a school building poses a clear and present danger to other students. This includes: Knives, penknives, razors, box cutters, letter openers, BB guns, and any other object that can be used as a weapon.