UNHS offers a screened business/technology program that focuses on preparing students for business and computer programming majors in college. Our students are enrolled in the following courses:

Scratch Computer Program: Taught by Two Sigma programmers at the Two Sigma offices, students learn how to create websites, PowerPoint presentations, and even animated short films.

Deloitte Academy Computer Programming/Mentoring: In addition to computer programming instruction, students receive tutoring and mentoring from Deloitte.

Introduction to Business: Freshmen learn basic principles of economics and statistics in this course.

Microsoft Applications, C++ Programming Language, Photoshop, Excel, and Digital Art are offered to students in grades 10-12.

Students enrolled in the College Now program can take college-credit bearing courses such as:

Personal Finance (1601)
Psychology (1001)
Speech Communication (1010)
Journalism (2500)